Why choose our hair systems?

This hair restoration option is non-invasive, comfortable and less time-consuming than other methods. Plus, your new hair system won't hold you back from an active lifestyle. You can wear it while swimming or playing sports without damaging its natural look. Non Surgical hair systems are not wigs or fake hair - a great solution for men and women's hair replacement. Reach out to us today to learn more about your hair restoration options.

Get a Full Head of Hair Without Surgery

Ask REMEDY Hair Restoration & Medical Spa about non-surgical hair systems for clients in Grand Rapids, MI

It's natural for your hair to thin as you age, whether you lose a little hair or develop male or female baldness. Fortunately, that doesn't mean your days of thick, healthy hair are behind you.


Remedy Hair Restoration & Medical Spa provides non-surgical hair systems in Grand Rapids, MI. We perform:

  • Complete an assessment of your current hair
  • Take a mold of your scalp to prepare your hair system
  • Get your hair produced by a specialized facility
  • Apply your hair system with a hypoallergenic adhesive

Non-surgical hair systems are NOT:

  • Hair pieces you take on and off
  • Fake hair solutions
  • Wigs

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