NeoLTS™ Light Therapy Hair

Benefits as a stand alone hair stimulation procedure:

Stimulates overall scalp health – tissue oxygenation and blood circulation.
Promotes follicle to maintain an active anagen or growth phase.
Removes inhibitors from the electron transport chain that block the growth cycle.
Increases the chemical compound (ATP) adenosine triphosphate which stimulates all living cells including hair follicles.
Delivers nutrients to cells that comprise the hair follicle.
Inhibits thinning of hair follicle.

NeoLTS utilizes red, near infra red and blue wavelenghts for efficacious results. It may be used as a standalone or adjunctive therapy. This technology uses powerful narrowband Light Emitting Diodes. NeoLTS utilizes over 4,000 LEDs of clinically proven Red(630nm), Near Infrared(880nm) and Blue(420nm) wavelengths.

Hair Growth and Light Stimulation

Studies have shown that light therapy increases the levels of a chemical compound called adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is known to stimulate living cells including the hair follicles.

LLLT also has the effect of increasing the circulation of blood to the hair root which delivers the nutrients to cells that make up the hair follicle. The increased blood flow is also thought to help flush away the damaging waste products that may affect the hair growth cycle. This helps to improve the scalp environment to help stop thinning hair and promote new hair growth.

Patient Benefits:

No pain or discomfort
No downtime
Long term results with a simple maintenance plan
No thermal damage
Visible results
No scarring or discoloration
Long term results and a simple maintenance plan
Ideal for men and women of all skin types

Benefits with a Hair Transplant:

  • Reduces the possibility of shedding and shock loss
  • Strengthens the area around the implant
  • Reduces post op inflammation and pain
  • Kick starts the healing process for donor and recipient site
  • Stimulates overall scalp health- tissue oxygenation and blood circulation
  • Reduces downtime

NeoLTS Hair Restoration grand rapids mi
NeoLTS Hair Restoration grand rapids mi
NeoLTS Hair Restoration grand rapids mi
NeoLTS Hair Restoration grand rapids mi

Great experience at initial consultation. Very professional, but makes you fell comfortable. Dr. Rosner was full of helpful information about different treatments.

Kirsten S.

Dr Dave is a amazing at what he does! He is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and really listens to his patients needs! I would highly recommend him!!

Mary B.

If I could give more stars I would! Dr. Rosner has the most friendly and pleasant disposition, and explains things very thoroughly. His assistant technician is just as great, she was very personable during our conversation while she was performing my venus treatment. The facility is small, but well decorated and clean. I have primarily gotten the laser lipo treatments and am 6 treatments in, I can not wait to see how much better my results are after my final 4! You also get credits for referring people which is super awesome as well. I definitely plan on continuing to visit here for other services in the future.

Alyssa R.

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