Along with having a special interest in hair restoration and medical aesthetic services, Dr. Rosner has now developed a medical arm to best serve his patients. He understands that patients are often rushed through the traditional medical system which creates a cold and impersonal relationship with your doctor. Waiting on hold, long wait times at the office, only to have a few minutes with your doctor is not the standard of care.

What do we offer?

Personalized medicine that is targeted towards prevention. Prevention is being proactive which is the key to health. We need to focus on this rather than being reactive. Our bodies need to be prepared to fight sickness. If we are sick our bodies will have a more challenging time warding off illness/disease. Take the Covid-19 pandemic for example, patients who were obese, who had high blood pressure, and who had diabetes suffered more than patients who didn't have these medical conditions.


Do we take medical insurance?

Do we take medical insurance?

Using cash for many patients will save them money since nowadays many have high deductible plans. Since the majority of patients never meet their deductibles, every cent spent until the deductible is satisfied is billed at the insurance rate which is normally higher than paying cash for the same services and treatments. For example, taking your car to get fixed for cash is normally less than if you used your car insurance to pay for the damage.

For any labs that need to be done, insurance can be used but we also have a list of cash prices for the labs as well. It's your choice which is the way it should be.

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