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Body Modification


Lipo-Sculpt Lite is a revolutionary new form of liposuction that utilizes soft laser technology that shrinks targeted fat cell deposits in all areas of the body, including areas too sensitive for ultrasound. This procedure is painless and breaks down stubborn fat that will not go away from dieting or exercise. Lipo-Sculpt Lite attacks fat on the cellular level, not only reducing fat but it also provides a sense of relaxation.

Benefits of Lipo-Sculpt

  • Safe, Non-Surgical, and Non-Invasive
  • Pain-Free Procedure in 30-45 minutes
  • Targets Those Unwanted Love Handles
  • Treats: Under Chin, Waist, Back, Thighs, Hips, Arms, and Calves
  • No Down Time. Return to Normal Activities
  • Reduces and Reshapes Targeted Areas
  • Targeted Fat Cells
  • Receive Smooth Skin With Lifted Appearance